Upgrade Guide

This document will attempt to outline the process for upgrading UBMoD to the current release. Please back up all your data. Be sure to read and understand all instructions before beginning the upgrade process.

Supported Upgrades

UBMoD can be upgraded between the follow version:

If you need to upgrade from earlier versions, you will need to perform a new installation and re-shred all your data.

* This upgrade does not require a database migration. That step should be skipped when following the process outlined below.

Upgrade Process
  1. Back up UBMoD data.
  2. Confirm current version of UBMoD.
  3. Upgrade UBMoD files.
  4. Perform database migration.
  5. Check UBMoD portal to confirm upgrade.
Back Up UBMoD Data

To back up your UBMoD data, create a dump of the UBMoD database:

$ mysqldump -u username -ppassword ubmod > ubmod-backup.sql

If you have made any modifications to the UBMoD source code, you will need to copy those as well.

Confirm Current Version of UBMoD

The version of UBMoD is displayed on the "About UBMoD" page. Check to make sure the version of UBMoD you are currently running is supported by this upgrade process.

Upgrade UBMoD Files

If you installed the UBMoD RPM distribution, perform the upgrade using the rpm package manager:

# rpm -Uvh ubmod-0.2.x-1.el6.noarch.rpm

If you installed the UBMoD source distribution, repeat the same process you used during the initial installation.

Perform Database Migration

There is a subdirectory in the docs directory named migrations that contains scritps for migrating the UBMoD database. If you installed the RPM package, this directory will be /usr/share/doc/ubmod-0.2.x/docs/migrations. Find the appropriate script, edit it to reference the correct settings.ini file, make the file executable and then run the script. You will be prompted to confirm that the location of your settings.ini file is correct and then to make sure you are ready to perform the migration. Do not interrupt this process or your database may be left in an inconsistent state and you will need to restore the database from your backup and start over.

$ cp docs/migrations/ubmod-0.2.x-to-0.2.y.pl /tmp

Edit /tmp/ubmod-0.2.x-to-0.2.y.pl and change the path of settings.ini if
you did not install UBMoD using the RPM file.

$ chmod +x /tmp/ubmod-0.2.x-to-0.2.y.pl
$ /tmp/ubmod-0.2.x-to-0.2.y.pl
Check UBMoD Portal to Confirm Upgrade

At this point you should be able to view the UBMoD portal in your web browser with the same data available as before the upgrade. The "About UBMoD" page should also display the new version number.