SGE Event Table
Column Datatype Description Example
sge_event_id bigint unsigned Internal unique auto incrementing ID (primary key for UBMoD) 1001
cluster varchar(255) The name of the cluster where the event ran
qname varchar(255) The name of the queue in which the job executed debug
hostname varchar(255) The name of the host where the event ran
group varchar(255) The group name under which the job executed joegroup1
owner varchar(255) The user name under which the job executed joeuser1
job_name varchar(255) The name of the job STDIN
job_number int unsigned Job identifier used by the resource manager 1134231
account varchar(255) The account name under which the job was executed account1
priority tinyint Priority from queue configuration
submission_time int UNIX time when job was created
start_time int UNIX time when job execution started
end_time int UNIX time when job ended execution
failed int Indicates job could not be started
exit_status int Exit status of job
ru_wallclock int Amount of walltime in seconds
ru_utime decimal(32,6) User CPU time used
ru_stime decimal(32,6) System CPU time used
ru_maxrss int Resident set size
ru_ixrss int Integral shared memory size
ru_ismrss int Integral unshared data size
ru_idrss int
ru_isrss int Integral unshared stack size
ru_minflt int page reclaims (soft page faults)
ru_majflt int page faults (hard page faults)
ru_nswap int Swaps
ru_inblock int block input operations
ru_oublock int block output operations
ru_msgsnd int IPC messages sent
ru_msgrcv int IPC messages received
ru_nsignals int signals received
ru_nvcsw int voluntary context switches
ru_nivcsw int involuntary context switches
project varchar(255) project assigned to job
department varchar(255) department assigned to job
granted_pe varchar(255) parallel environment
slots int number of cpus
task_number int Task number
cpu decimal(32,6) Amount of cpu time
mem decimal(32,6) integral memory usage
io decimal(32,6) amount of data transferred
category text
iow decimal(32,6) wait time in seconds
pe_taskid int if “qrsh -inherit” was used
maxvmem bigint amount of virtual memory in bytes
arid int advance reservation identifier
ar_submission_time int submission time of the advance reservation
resource_list_arch varchar(255)
resource_list_qname varchar(255)
resource_list_hostname varchar(255)
resource_list_notify int
resource_list_calendar varchar(255)
resource_list_min_cpu_interval int
resource_list_tmpdir varchar(255)
resource_list_seq_no int
resource_list_s_rt bigint
resource_list_h_rt bigint
resource_list_s_cpu bigint
resource_list_h_cpu bigint
resource_list_s_data bigint
resource_list_h_data bigint
resource_list_s_stack bigint
resource_list_h_stack bigint
resource_list_s_core bigint
resource_list_h_core bigint
resource_list_s_rss bigint
resource_list_h_rss bigint
resource_list_slots varchar(255)
resource_list_s_vmem bigint
resource_list_h_vmem bigint
resource_list_s_fsize bigint
resource_list_h_fsize bigint